LEGO® Minifigure Town twn273 Ballerina

LEGO® Minifigure Town twn273 Ballerina

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Product Condition : Grade B Slightly Used

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About our Minifigures

We love LEGO® Minifigures just as much as you do! We take great care in inspecting them so once purchased you're getting exactly what you expect. We only sell authentic LEGO® Minifigures as well as custom made Minifigures using real LEGO®, custom molded or 3D printed parts. Custom Minifigures are clearly marked as custom minifigures. We do not sell fake or knock-off minifigures.

Unless otherwise noted, ALL Minifigures are all in Grade B Slightly Used condition.

Our higher value Minifigures we will offer different condition variants which are clearly described and indicated as below.

We offer LEGO® Minifigures in Three(3) conditions: 1) Grade A Like New, 2) Grade B Slightly Used 3) Grade C Playtoy

Grade A Like New - collector's quality condition as you would expect to receive it in a LEGO® set. There should not be any visible signs of damage or wear

Grade B Slightly Used - May have a slight crack or nick in it or may have slight playwear or micro-scratches but still displays well and retains a portion of its collectors value

Grade C Playtoy - Minifigure was played with and may show cracks, nicks, scratches, print wear, etc.