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We buy & trade LEGO® all day, every day and we want to make it simple and profitable for you as well!  So what do we buy?  Great question!  Here’s a list of what type of LEGO® we buy with some notes to consider on each type of LEGO® you may be looking to sell. 

New Sealed LEGO® Sets – Cash or Store Credit…our highest buy price category!  Our buy price for this category of LEGO® is one of the best in the industry!!  These can be in perfect condition or damaged sealed box.  Condition does affect the buy price.

New Open Box LEGO® Sets – Cash or Store Credit.  This is a LEGO® set that the seals are broken either intentionally or due to box damage but the contents in the box are still sealed and complete.  Condition of box does affect the buy price.

Preowned Complete LEGO® Sets – Cash or Store Credit.  For preowned LEGO® sets our buy price varies based on the condition of your set.  Sets that are built & complete with box and instructions will receive a higher offer than those bagged without box and instructions.  We buy sets in any condition so go ahead and send it over!

BULK LEGO® – Cash or Store Credit.  Bulk LEGO® pricing fluctuates depending on the condition and type of bulk as well as the volume we have in stock at that time.  Typically a good rule of thumb is our bulk pricing is anywhere from $3-$5 per pound.

LEGO® Minifigures – Cash or Store Credit.  All minifigures are purchased at preowned pricing unless they are sealed in polybag or box.

LEGO® Accessories – Store Credit Only.  Yes we do buy anything LEGO® related!  Cases, Displays, Puzzles, Keychains, etc.  All accessories must be in new condition to be purchased.

Getting an estimate for in-person trade-in:

Super easy!  Just visit our store with your LEGO® and we will provide you with one of the industry’s best LEGO® buy price offers you will find anywhere!  If you have a large collection and prefer not to bring it all up to the store without having an idea of what we will pay for it, you can fill out our online form and we will review and reply within three (3) business days with your estimate.

Getting an estimate for shipping your trade-in:

If you are not local to our DFW store don’t worry!  You can still sell to us and benefit from our awesome buy pricing and we will even cover the shipping! Just fill out our online form and provide all the details needed for the offer.  Once you accept the offer and send us photos to document the condition we will issue payment via PayPal and send you a pre-paid shipping label!  It may take up to 3 business days to receive the offer but I promise…..the juice is worth the squeeze!

Before shipping your LEGO® to us, please read our SHIPPING LEGO® TO US post and watch the video about How To Ship LEGO® to make sure it reaches us safely.